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Japan Beauty Professionals Association

Overview of Association


The Japan Beauty Professionals Association (JBP) was established in 2021 with the aim of fostering a "team of beauty professionals" by enhancing the potential of world-class "master skills," "meticulous hospitality," and "professionalism. We are an organization that values education, certification, and community. We have individual and corporate members as well as we aim to increase the number of (professional) coaching members who can train professionals, improve the status of the profession in Japan, and create professionals who can work globally.

Content of Activities

1. Education and training related to the abilities, skills, and necessary knowledge required of professional beauticians, and projects related to the certification of qualifications.
2. Development of a coaching team that can guide professional beauticians.
3. To build a community among members, to exchange information, and to cooperate with various organizations in the beauty industry.
4. Promotional activities for citizens to understand "health maintenance and correct beauty knowledge."

【Name】Japan Beauty Professionals Association
【Established】March 31, 2021

Membership Types and How to Join

Regular members are beauticians who have completed a prescribed beauty training course at accredited school, or who have satisfied the prescribed conditions and passed the requirements specified by Association. Individual members and corporate members who agree with the activities of the association are also welcome to join.

Individual Membership

■Full-time Member: This program is for beauticians who have completed a prescribed course at an accredited school, or who have met the prescribed requirements and passed the examinations specified by the association.
Membership Fee: Registration Fee: None       Annual Membership Fee: ¥10,000 (payable annually) Renewed annually from June to May.
■General Member: Individuals involved in beauty-related business who agree with the objectives of the association are eligible.
Requires the recommendation of a Full-time or General Member and the approval of the Board of Directors.
Joining fee: ¥5,500 (tax included)   Annual membership fee: ¥12,000 (payable annually) Renewed annually from June to May.

Corporate Membership

■ Corporate Member: Companies and organizations related to beauty and health that agree with the objectives of the association are eligible.
Only Corporate Members can apply for accredited schools, which require the recommendation of the Director and approval of the Board of Directors.
Joining fee: ¥11,000 (tax included)   Annual membership fee: ¥120,000 (payable annually) Renewed annually from June to May.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of the association, you can enjoy special benefits. Please note that the services available to you differ depending on your membership type.
1: Use of the Online Learning System "L'eclat Beauty Academy Online School"
L'eclat Beauty Academy Online School" is an online video learning system provided by L'eclat Beauty Academy for members. The system is compatible with PCs, smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to learn techniques anytime, anywhere.
2: Free E-mail Magazine Subscription
The association issues a monthly e-mail magazine. You will receive information on association events, workshops, announcements, and special offers.
3: Attending Seminars at Member Prices
You can attend seminars held by the association at member prices. You can also participate in special seminars for members only.
4: Organizing Events for Members
Please use this as a place for meaningful exchange of information by providing a place for members to interact with each other online and offline.
5: Introduction of Cosmetic Purchasing for Members

6: Product Introduction at Seminars
Corporate members can introduce products, explain products and distribute samples to members.
You can ask for cooperation in questionnaires for test samples under development.


Membership Benefits



■ 協会正会員様についての購入方法をご案内いたしますので、JBP協会正会員は下記メールにてお問合せ下さい。



■ 協会正会員様には、専用ページをご案内いたしますので、JBP協会正会員は下記メールにてお問合せ下さい。




■ 協会正会員様の購入は、専用の購入ページ、コードをご案内いたしますので、JBP協会正会員は下記メールにてお問合せ下さい。


Blume edenaの購入について

■ 協会正会員様の購入は、専用のID、パスワード をご案内いたしますので、JBP協会正会員は下記メールにてお問合せ下さい。

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