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This is a school where you can learn "Caoru's facial/head spa technique".

Please choose a course from below and apply.

Course #01

Basic Facial Course I


Basic courses that participants must first learn when offering facial treatments as part of a menu.


Foundation Facial 1

In Basic I, participants learn the necessary steps for cleansing in a four-part curriculum.

1: Eye Cleansing

2: Cleansing

3: Wiping (Cotton)

4: Wiping (Sponge)


Foundation Facial 2

In Basic II, participants learn professional techniques in a four-part curriculum.

1: Hot Towel

2: Peeling

3: Mask Application, Removal

4: Skin Conditioning


Course #02

Facial Massage


Soin Drainage

1: Welcome Massage

2: Soin Drainage Facial Massage

Soin Drainage was created by aesthetician Caoru based on her unique "four-zone diagnosis" to determine skin conditions precisely.

Caoru's signature method is a culmination of techniques she has learned in France, Italy, and Japan.Although the semi-customized facial treatment looks complicated, it is organized so that it can be smoothly introduced as a facial menu.Our very popular facial course is a favorite of many repeat customers as part of their facial menu.

Comprises five techniques

〇French-style Soin Method

〇Italian-style lymphatic drainage

〇Shiatsu head massage

〇Decollete massage

〇Neck massage

This special menu can be fully customized.

Benefits of Soin Drainage

・Promotes blood circulation

・Removes wastes

・Relieves stiff muscles

・Balances energy

・Loosens the scalp

This is a facial treatment that provides holistic care for the entire body. By healing the skin with the most appropriate care according to the skin condition of the customer on that day, you will be able to firmly win the hearts of your customers and help create a salon that will attract many repeat customers.


Small Face Massage Course

This course consists of five techniques: pinching, kneading, flushing, loosening, and acupressure. Once performed, customers won’t be able to get enough of this massage.

This is a popular course that many people take together with Soin Drainage.


Course #03

Head Spa Massage Course



1. Basic Head Massage Technique

2. Scalp Oil Care (techniques for different problems)

3. Cleansing (techniques for different problems)

4. Aging Care (Sagging) (techniques for different problems)

5. Acupressure Care

>”Crumplesage” - Beauty expert Caoru's head spa massage

Crumplesage is a technique of "head massage" and "scalp loosening". Dividing the head into three zones, we carefully teach the position of the fingers, the direction of pressure, and the angle at which the weight is shifted, based on many years of experience, to ensure that the massage is comfortable for the customer and produces results. Many experienced beauticians and therapists have also learned Crumplesage, and it is a technique that can be incorporated into your salon's menu.


Course #04

Offline Course Fee


Certificate or Diploma

Certificate of Completion and Diploma



Upon completion of the above curriculum, you will be issued a certificate of completion and a diploma of course skills issued by the Japan Beauty Professional Association.

*Diploma is subject to separate conditions.


A diploma is a certificate of mastery of specialized knowledge and skills in education. It is a great achievement that leaves a lasting impression of what you have learned and also offers assurance to your customers.


Course Location


Course Location




●北千住教室:カリティス北千住店:東京都足立区千住旭町35-16 ヒラバヤシビル2F


●銀座教室(ヘッドスパのみ):GO TODAY SHAIRE SALON銀座店



●岐阜教室:サロンドペイサージュ:〒500-8486 岐阜県岐阜市加納城南通3-8

For Corporate Customers

Corporate Training Course

・Technique training

(Facial, head spa, body)

・Classroom training

・Management training (management training for salons and spas, instructor training)

・Salon business manner training

・Other lectures and talks



Offline School

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